About Us

Smiling Square is a not-for-profit organisation to help the most vulnerable section of Australian society and we support the other great not-for-profit organisations with fund raising   

There are many great not-for-profit organisation doing great job and are very efficient at their work. But these organisation are not so efficient in fund raising hence struggling with it.

When tried to raise funding for these organisation, we realised that an average business and person is bombarded with request for donation from different charities. There is no way that all the donation request can be addressed. To motivate businesses and peoples to donate to charities and organisation working for the most vulnerable section of Australian society by giving businesses and people  valuable services for free.

After lot of research and consultation, we saw an opportunity  in free quote industry.  There are serious doubts about  the genuineness  of the quotes provided by free quote websites. It is natural that a profit savvy company will always look after their own profit  first before interest of people they are providing quotes to.

Our Mission

Help the Not-for-profit organisations supporting vulnerable section of Australian society in raising funding by giving free valuable services to business and peoples


Only an organisation which is not here to make profit can provide quotes with the focus on the interest of people as first priority and cannot  be doubted to provide free quotes without any malice and bias. This was a win-win solution, where consumers were free, fair and unbiased quotes. On the other hands businesses and consumers were happy to make some donation at their own discretion.

The biggest advantage was that these kind of operation can be  set up at negligible cost. We had ample of volunteers who were ready to support us with IT skills and other professional skills.  Once our IT systems was ready to roll, a barrage of volunteers was enrolled to take care of day to day operation.

Our free quote websites

Building Inspection Council: This website helps the potential property buyers with finding right building inspector. The website provides free unbiased building inspection quotes and an open list of direct contact details of all the building inspectors.

Coming soon

Solar Rebate Council

Australian Energy Council

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